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Our Vision

No woman and no girl will go without access to everyday essentials to survive crisis or transition.
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Our Values

H (Humanity) We believe that every woman and girl should be treated with basic humanity and dignity, regardless of their circumstances or barriers.


O (Outreach) We believe in doing the work outside of our own space and serving our community in tangible ways.


P (Partnership) We believe in creating long-term partnerships with businesses, agencies and other nonprofit organizations rather than transactional relationships.


E (Eagerness) We believe that everyone who serves should serve with an eager heart to see our mission grow and make an impact.

Our Mission

We provide hope, essentials and education to women and girls in the Triangle area, regardless of the circumstances of life.

Our Framework for Everyday Essentials


+ Lotion

+ Deodorant

+ Bar Soap

+ Body wash

+ Wash cloths

+ Hand sanitizer


+ Shampoo

+ Conditioner


+ Floss

+ Toothpaste

+ Toothbrushes

Menstrual Care

+ Pads

+ Tampons

+ Pantyliners

+ Feminine Cleansing Wipes

Our Pathways of Support

Pathway A - 911 Bags
Pathway A provides a 14 day supply of everyday essentials based on circumstances that warrant an emergency response or crisis to participants through our Agency Partners. 

Pathway B - Outreach Bags
Pathway B provides a 30 day supply of everyday essentials based on community wide needs through our Community and Agency Partners.

Pathway C - Sustainer Bags
Pathway C provides a 90 day supply of everyday essentials based on participants who need long term support and sustainability.

Agency Partner qualifications are below:

Our nonprofit organization defines transition as any woman or girl experiencing homelessness to any degree. Examples include women and girls housed in homeless shelters, residential programs, campgrounds, unaccompanied youth, or doubled-up families. Crisis examples include women and girls experiencing an emergency foster care placement, domestic violence, or impacted by a natural disaster. This is not an exhaustive list of criteria. 

Must support and serve women or girls experiencing crisis or transition in The Triangle.

Must have a social worker, case manager, or outreach worker supporting participants.

+ Must be providing case management services to women and girls in need.

Hands Up

Community Partners

Our community partners are businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations or other entities that have a desire to help us further fuel our mission. 

+  Must be compassionate about the mission of The No Woman, No Girl Initiative.

+  Must have a desire to help The No Woman, No Girl Initiative expand our reach in Wake County, NC.

Our Agency Partners


Community Partners

Stay tuned for our 2022 Community Partner Honor Roll!

Shirnetta J. Harrell

Executive Director & Founder


Shirnetta J. Harrell is the Founder & Executive Director of The No Woman, No Girl Initiative. She is a native of Nashville, NC and a 2x HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) graduate. Shirnetta graduated from Shaw University where she served as Miss Shaw University 2012-2013 and obtained her Bachelor of Social Work degree. She later graduated from Alabama A & M University in the Advanced Standing Program. Ultimately, she obtained a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Community Mental Health.

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