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The Bringing H.O.P.E. Campaign is a comprehensive campaign designed to ensure The No Woman, No Girl Initiative can "bring H.O.P.E. to women and girls in Wake County, NC." The resources raised in this campaign will expand the life changing impact of the organization on the women, girls and communities that it serves.

Campaign Goals

H (Hygiene) - Collecting 250,000 everyday essentials over the course of the campaign will allow us to have adequate amounts of inventory to fill our referrals and to serve the community through our outreach efforts.

O (Operations) - Raising $250,000 will allow our organizational structure to reach full sustainability and would propel us forward to meet the human resources.

P (Partnerships) - Establishing 250 Community and Agency partners in North Carolina will support our efforts in making everyday essentials accessible to as many women and girls as possible.

E (Education) - Raising $250,000 will allow our organization to develop, implement, and execute educational outreach programs toward health education, hygiene and our continued efforts with our Universal Care Guides.

"Imagine experiencing transition or a crisis and being able to walk into a safe space where you have choice to gain access to what you need to survive for the months to come. Imagine being able to have staff readily available to make you feel welcomed and to guide you through everyday essentials with privacy at the forefront. 

We are on a mission to bring HOPE to Wake County, NC and beyond but, we need our community to help us do so. This campaign would fill the gaps that federal policies are not. This campaign would allow women and girls to attend school, maintain jobs and alleviate barriers to their daily life by having access to essentials that most take for granted each day.

Let's look ahead to what our community could look like if no woman and no girl would go without access to what she needed to live a dignified life."

-- Shirnetta Harrell, Founder & Executive Director

Looking ahead...

Campaign Committee

Renee Clark, Campaign Chair
Sarah Compton, Campaign Co-Chair 
Devyn Voorheis, Committee Member
Rebecca Dole, Committee Member

The No Woman, No Girl Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. No goods or services were exchanged for your donation.

Our Tax ID # 86-2721892

Our appraisal sheet provides an estimate for in-kind donations based on everyday essentials sold at Target. This sheet will be the primary use of donors who choose to quantify their donation for the estimated amount based solely on in-kind proceeds.

Our Giving Community 

We would not exist without the support from our Monthly Sustainers and Donors in our Giving Community who choose to go above and beyond for our mission.

Thank you, Giving Community!

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